There are several common categories in pesticide training, our most popular courses are summarised as follows:

PA1 is the Foundation Theory Module, assessing knowledge of basic legislation for pesticides. PA1 must be passed by anyone wishing to take any other PA units.

PA2 is needed by anyone wanting to operate mounted or trailed boom sprayers. It’s also needed if you wish to operate most ‘weed wiper’ types of applicator.

PA3 is for Broadcast or Variable Geometry Boom Sprayers (mounted or trailed), with or without air assistance; typically for orchards.

PA6 is needed by anyone wishing to apply pesticides using a hand-held lance or knapsack type applicator. The lance may be vehicle-mounted e.g. on a tractor or ATV.

All pesticide courses are independently assessed.

Whilst the above summarises our most popular courses, we are happy to organise all other pesticide modules to suit your needs so please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Pesticide Training Courses