Pest Control

These courses are aimed at people wishing to undertake pest control. The safe use of pest control requires knowledge and skill as many of these treatments involve the use of poisonous substances. It is therefore essential that pest control is carried out be people who have received suitable training. At the end of course the candidates will be able to demonstrate a range of skills required to plan, implement and monitor an effective pest control programme and will be issued with the documentation necessary to purchase the control agents from a wholesaler.

From 1st June 2016 farmers who have not completed an approved training course will not be permitted to buy and use these products, unless they are a member of an approved farm assurance scheme.

Our most popular pest control courses include:

  • The safe use of pesticides for vertebrate pest control for rats and mice
  • The safe use of aluminium phosphide for vertebrate pest control
  • The safe use of traps for vertebrate pest control

Other courses are available, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Pest Control Training Courses

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